Injection Molding

Injection molding is capable of efficiently manufacturing complex plastic products for everyday use across the world. The plastic industry makes up 1/3rd of the manufacturing industry while directly employing over 900,000 jobs. Include the plastic suppliers and that number increases to over 1.4 million jobs throughout the United States. Manufacturers constantly are looking of new ways to increase production, decrease waste, and reduce maintenance cost. Profit is KING. Armoloy Thin Dense Chrome benefits each of these areas.

As the industry continues to grow, so does the competition. New competitors are entering the market each day and with that comes new ideas. Being able to produce the highest amount of profit per mold is as vital as ever. Something as simple as reducing the mold release agent has a significant impact. The lubricity of Armoloy Thin Dense Chrome allows for this. Armoloy TDC decreases the coefficient of friction by 25-50%. Decreasing the friction means parts release easier. Parts releasing easier means less mold release. We typically recommend mold injectors to reduce their mold release agent by roughly 50% when first using an Armoloy coated mold. As the mold seasons and starts to burnish (wear down the peaks of the metal therefore increasing the lubricity even more) many users are then able to reduce their agent consumption by another 50% or even completely. Now, injection molders are using around 25% of the mold release agent that they were originally using, multiply that per mold across your production floor.

With the increase of lubricity and less mold release being used users are able to increase production throughout the day. Couple this with less downtime from simple things like fighting release and purging, the mold that was producing 1000 units in 8 hours is now able to produce 1,200 units. Each mold that is able to increase production within the 8 hours across the floor adds up quickly.

With Armoloy Thin Dense Chrome we see less flashing issues as well. Armoloy TDC creates a 78Rc surface hardness. This helps maintain the design of the mold and drastically slows down the degradation process. Less degrading means less flashing.

Armoloy Thin Dense Chrome is an extremely controlled process. With 0.000050” uniformity at 0.0001”-0.0003” deposit and 135°F application temperature we can ensure that the integrity of you tool or mold is held. With a 14’ wide plating tank and a 5-ton bridge crane we able to accommodate large molds, cavities and cores. Armoloy TDC is precise enough to even coat the smallest of lifter pins too.