THE leader in chromium coatings

Armoloy (TDC) Thin Dense Chromium Coating for Superior Metal
Protection, Friction, Wear and Corrosion Resistant Solutions.

Food Processing

  • Does Not Chip, Crack, Flake, or Peel
  • Reduces Cleaning Processes Including C.I.P.
  • Reduces Galling on Stainless Steel
  • USDA Certified


  • 78Rc Surface Hardness  Makes Longer Lasting Molds, Patterns & Core Boxes
  • Easily Remove Sand Cores
  • Reduces Use of Mold Release


  • Applies Tight Tolerances by Holding Deposits  0.0001”–0.0003”
  • Increases Tooling & Assembly Efficiency
  • Increases Cycle Times & Decreases Waste

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