Case Studies

Why Base Material Matters

The foundation of your house is critical to the structure and integrity of your house. Much like foundation, base material is crucial to the integrity and strength of your tool. Choosing the right base material will provide the longest lasting tool or mold. Your base material plays a major role in the strength, surface finish, corrosion resistance, and machinability of your tool or mold.

Though strength and heat treating are major benefits for coating your parts; Armoloy TDC is not a replacement for heat treating as it does not affect the underlying base material—just surface hardness. We like to use the metaphor; it’s like putting glass over a marshmallow. If the tool is put under immense amount of pressure, the base material will give. If you have a nice foundation it will remain sturdy during the process. On the other end, if a part is designed to be sacrificial to prevent a catastrophic failure, then the part is going to remain sacrificial and the normal wear and tear is going to significantly increase.

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Food Processing Case Study

This test consisted of 3 treated and 3 untreated metal samples. One treated and untreated each of 316L SS, 304L SS, and carbon steel. Each sample piece was introduced to a brine solution by method of dripping once per week for five weeks. Observations and pictures are below.

The purpose of this test was to monitor corrosion against untreated samples to determine treatment effectiveness for use on brine contact surfaces within our plant.

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