Shipping Parts to Armoloy

Please ship your parts to Armoloy of Ohio, 1950 E Leffel Lane, Springfield, OH 45505. Parts may arrive via UPS, common carrier, or expedited services. Armoloy of Ohio is happy to assist you in arranging the transport although shipping and payment is ultimately the responsibility of the customer.

Part Size & Weights

Our new tank allows us to process parts up to 24 feet in length and weighing five tons.

Preventative Maintenance Programs

Armoloy of Ohio can assist you with preventative maintenance plans to help avoid unnecessary and often costly repairs. We will work with you to establish baselines and to improve performance baselines, to determine approximately when the coating will wear through. At that point, tooling can be pulled from production and returned to Armoloy of Ohio. The coating can be removed at our facility, and the part is then recoated, thus avoiding unnecessary and costly damage to the part.


The coating must have clean base material to work properly. Because the coating actually penetrates the base material, it must be able to get to the base material. We cannot coat over other coatings, nor can we coat over extreme rust or mill scale. We must receive clean parts. If you have difficulty getting clean, mill scale free parts, then we can help arrange to have parts cleaned locally either through sand blast procedures or chemical cleaning. This process usually adds several days to turn around.

Please visit our Resources page for more information on Armoloy TDC.


All orders are guaranteed to ship within 3-5 days of receipt at our facility. If you have a part that needs to be expedited, let us know and we will do everything we can to provide same day or next day service. Your problems and challenges are our problems and challenges.


Armoloy of Ohio works with customers across North America, as well as customers in Europe and the Far East.